How do you know?

Just slapping your name on the wall doesn’t make a business successful. Understanding who you are and being on the right course do.

Which is why Branding and Marketing Planning go hand in hand.

Become a “living” brand. A brand born out of real fiber, promising authenticity and pure expression with a mission you can deliver on through a well thought-out and well executed strategic plan.

Realizing your mission takes a steadfast brand.


  • One that keeps its promises.
  • One that is authentic through and through.
  • One that evolves to serve changing markets.

Consider this:  

  • Does your business have the marketing expertise to ensure your dollars have the desired affect? 
  • Is your marketing only something you focus on when you have a free moment?
  • Do you have a clear marketing path outlaid that aligns with making your business plan a reality?
If any of these made you hesitate, then seriously consider the decision to Rent a CMO.

View the marketing asset you could have on your team tomorrow.

What is a CMO?

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. This person is the keeper of your brand. They hold the mission in their sights by forming an executable marketing strategy within the company’s business plan.

  • When marketing barriers appear…  your CMO overcomes them.
  • When marketing opportunities emerge…  your CMO leverages them.

A CMO is the bridge between you and your market finding ways to turn prospects into loyal customers. They engage loyal customers to do more business with you and invite their friends along. Your business is positioned in the minds and hearts of your target market by your CMO. Inspiring the right actions at the right time is a daily initiative. Building your brand into a notable asset is a long term result.


No matter your size, industry or business lifecycle stage, your brand can no longer be left in the dark. It’s time to secure your position in the market before it’s decided for you.

AchiVi ups your game. How? By proactively aligning your business within a strategic marketing model constructed firmly around your brand to achieve your vision.

Learn how we can be the game changer in your marketing toolkit.

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