authentic marketing

There was a time when marketers had a bad reputation. They were seen as slimy, manipulative agents who tricked consumers into buying something the either didn’t want or that didn’t even come close to delivering what was advertised. That is changing. Why? Because your audience can sniff out your BS. And not only that, they will actively, aggressively and immediately jump on their technology to tell everyone else you are a swindler. Scared? You should be.

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time management

Time goes screaming by faster and faster. What’s worse is there are more and more things piling up threatening to drown us. Sounds like a losing battle. Which it will be if we let it. We have to recognize the value of managing our day instead of just letting it steamroll us. Not taking the proverbial bull by the horns stripes away your ability to succeed.

Negative Side-effects of Poor Time Management leave you:

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